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25.02.2009, 15:06
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Здравствуйте, помогите, пожалуйста. Срочно надо до 26.02. Надо в нужном времени поставить слова в скобках.

the metropolitan police have launched a nationwide hunt for the (KIDNAP) of a wealthy businessman, Charles Webster, who was held for ransom at the weekend.
the police are offering 25 000 pounds for (INFORM) leading to the arrest of the (RIME) . webster, chairman of the famous chocolate factory Candberry Sweets and father of three, was released on Monday after his (RELATE) paid a ransom of nearly one million pounds.The three wanted men are all highly (DANGER) escaped convicts.
Webster told (JOURNAL) how his ordeal began last Friday morning as he was on his way yo work. The 55-year-old (BUSINESS) was dragged from his car at gunpoint by two men who took him to an (KNOW) destination. They then telephoned Webster`s brother, who is also the family (LAW) ,demanding a ransom of a million pounds warning him not to involve the police in (NEGOTIATE) On monday morning, the two sides came to a compromise agreement and the kidnappers released Webster in exchange for 850 000 pounds.

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25.02.2009, 19:14
это ответ
Здравствуйте, Зикеева Надежда Сергеевна!

kidnappers - похитители
information - информация
(?)criminals - преступники - у Вас, видимо, опечатка, потому что rime - изморозь - не подходит по смыслу
relatives/relations - родственники - но relation, как правило, переводится как "родство, связь, отношение", хотя возможен и перевод "родственник"
dangerous - опасный
journalists - журналисты
businessman - бизнесмен
unknown - неизвестный
lawyer - адвокат, юрист
negotiations - переговоры, обсуждение условий
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