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Консультация онлайн # 192024
Раздел: • Английский язык
Автор вопроса: asdf1234 (Посетитель)
Отправлена: 06.12.2017, 19:24
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I. Прочитайте и письменно переведите на русский язык следующий текст, ответьте письменно на вопросы.
Computer Networks
Computer networks link computers by communication lines and software protocols, allowing data to be exchanged rapidly and reliably. It allows users to share not only data files and software applications, but also hardware like printers and a fax.
Most networks link computers within a limited area – within a department, an office, or a building. These are called Local Area Networks, or LANs. However, when networks link computers across the world over long-distance telephone lines, such networks are called Wide Area Networks, or WANs. Today, networks carry e-mail, provide access to public databases and bulletin boards, and are beginning to be used for distributed systems. Networks also allow users in one locality to share expensive resources, such as printers and disk-systems.
Distributed computer systems are built using networked computers that cooperate to perform tasks. In this environment each part of the networked system does what it is best at. For example, the high-quality bitmapped graphics screen of a PC provides a good user interface.
In the 1980s, at least 100000 LANs were set up in laboratories and offices around the world. Global communication and computer networks became a part of professional and personal lives as the price of microcomputers and network access facilities. At the same time, distributed computer networks are improving our work environments and technical abilities.

II. Вопросы.
1) What is a network?
2) What are its hardware components?
3) What is the difference between a LAP and a WAN?
4) What are distributed computer systems?
5) What advantages do networks have?

III. Выполните лексико-грамматический тест.

Инструкция: закончите предложения, выбрав один из предложенных вариантов. Объясните употребление каждого случая (письменно) на русском языке.

1. While they were on holiday their house was broken ______ and some valuable paintings were stolen.
A) down
B) into
C) about
D) away
2. After a bitter discussion they went ______ each other.
A) to
B) at
C) off
D) over
3. No one really believed it when the news came that Titanic had ______.
A) gone away
B) gone down
C) gone out
D) gone by
4. When did you ..... him to check the timetable?
A) asked
B) to ask
C) ask
D) ask to
5. He saw two girls ..... on the stage.
A) to dance
B) dancing
C) dances
D) are dancing
6. She made her brother ..... into the water.
A) to jump
B) jump
C) jumps
D) jump to
7. She didn't want her child ...... to hospital.
A) to take
B) take
C) to taken
D) to be taken
8. Who ..... you to drive?
A) taught
B) teach
C) does teaches
D) to teach
9. Do you like_____ football on TV?
A) watch
B) watched
C) watches
D) watching
10. Thank you for_____ me.
A) helping
B) help
C) to help
D) helped
11. I’m afraid of _____ mistakes.
A) to make
B) made
C) make
D) making
12. It is important _____.
A) to win
B) winning
C) win
D) won
13. A: This problem is too difficult. I can’t solve it.
B: Is it really too difficult for you _____?
A) solving
B) solve
C) to solve
D) solved
14. Have you got anything _____?
A) reading
B) to read
C) read
D) reads
15. She is good at _____.
A) to swim
B) swimming
C) swims
D) swum
16. My father does the _____ himself.
A) ironing
B) irons
C) to iron
D) iron
17. My mother does all the _____.
A) cleaning
B) to clean
C) cleans
D) clean
18. The boy _____ in the dentist’s chair has got toothache.
A) sitting
B) sat
C) sit
D) sits
19. Will you come along with us, … you?
a) will
b) won’t
c) are
d) aren’t
20. Linda knows five languages, … she?
a) does
b) doesn’t
c) do
d) is
21. He can jump for 60 minutes without a break, … he?
a) can
b) is
c) isn’t
d) can’t
22. We haven’t got a chair, … we?
a) have
b) haven’t
c) have not
d) are
23. I didn’t send a letter, … I?
a) didn’t
b) do
c) am
d) did

IV. Прочитайте и письменно переведите на русский язык следующий текст. Составьте письменно 4 типа вопросов по тексту.

Lately computers have filled our life. Now they are almost in each family. We have got used to them and we do not imagine our leisure without this miracle-machine.
With the help of computers the Internet has entered into our life. It became an integral part of a life of each person. Now people cannot live a day without checking of mail and visiting their favourite sites. The Internet is not only the assistant in daily work, it is also the other world in which there are mail boxes, libraries, photo galleries, games, shops. By means of the Internet people can travel to different cities, visit tourist places, communicate with people.
Recently many people ask a question: » Is the Internet harmful or useful? «. I think that on this question there is no certain answer. In fact on the one hand the Internet is a very good and useful thing. And on the other hand it has many negative functions: dependence, the waste of time, money, health.
Certainly, the Internet can be the excellent assistant in information search. But if we spend a lot of time on the Internet we’ll have some problems. We lose a touch with the real world; get in a full dependence on a computer. I think that it is important to learn to distinguish a side between a real life and a life on the Internet. For that it is necessary to understand, what is really important on the Internet and what is not. And then the Internet will be not the terrible enemy, but the indispensable assistant.

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